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Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans hoping to see quarterback Tom Brady at Raymond James Stadium will have to wait until at least October 18 for a first taste of the New England Patriots. With that in mind, let's recap the 2020 regular season and see how the Bucs will finish compared to last year's playoff team, the Washington Redskins. So far, expectations have been met, but everyone in the Tampa Bay locker room will tell you that the job is not done. Here's a look at the Buccaneers - Washington NFL playoff match scheduled to begin at 7pm ET on Sunday, December 2, 2020 at MetLife Stadium.

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Raymond James Stadium, also known as Ray-Jay, is a multipurpose stadium in Tampa, Florida. The facility is most closely associated with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the National Football League (NFL) team that plays there. After their first season in the American Football Conference (AFC), the Bucs moved to the current conference for the 2011 season. They play their home games at Raymond James Stadium in front of more than 2.5 million fans.

Tampa Bay's first two games were against the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco 49ers. The pre-season game gave NFL owners and officials the opportunity to evaluate the stadiums of the Tampa Bay area, and on April 23, 1979, after a successful tax referendum, Atlanta, Tempe and Tampa were all candidates for Super Bowl XXXIV. As a compromise, they were awarded the contract for the day the NFL had not originally planned for that day, Super Bowl XXXV. After the 1979 season, the Buccaneers improved so much that they hosted the NFC Championship Game, in which they lost 9-0 to the Los Angeles Rams.

Defensively, the Bucs defense was known for its lack of depth, which ultimately proved to be one of the NFL's best defenses in Super Bowl XXXV. Although they missed their leading tackler, defensive end and best defensive lineman, that unit held the Falcons to less than half of what they did in Week 15, when Tampa Bay had all three starters healthy and playing. They would face defensive end Lavonte David and defensive end Mike Ditka in the NFC Championship Game against the Atlanta Falcons.

While the Bucs can console themselves with pushing Minnesota out of the playoffs and leaving Arizona to take the field, Tampa Bay has more pressing tasks on its hands. The win means they (11-5) will meet NFC East champ Washington on Saturday night.

Raymond James Stadium provides a central function to enhance the experience for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, players and fans. Stadium innovation is developing fast, and while it may take a few more years - or perhaps even longer - to keep the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay forever, it is beginning to grow.

Pirates ships mooring at Buccaneer Cove and the Buccaneers score a touchdown and a field goal each time.

Tampa Bay has scored 59 touchdowns overall, but touchdowns and plenty of points are coming. Back to the formidable defense, the Falcons offense has been chasing down opponents for 127 rushing yards today. The Buccaneers run defense is the ninth-highest unit in the league, and they lead the NFL in run defenses and are the first team to achieve that feat since the New York Giants in 2010.

Throughout the season, we've seen the Bucs disrupt opposing teams' tempo offense. Tampa Bay has allowed an average of 246.6 yards per game, which is in the bottom third of the NFL. In the end, they allowed the second - the fewest rushing yards against the Falcons offense - but their defense deserves credit for taking care of the offense and holding back Matt Ryan. If Brady and the Buccaneers had finished the regular season with the same number of touchdowns and rushing yards as the Patriots and Falcons, they would have finished with a higher total of more than 1,000 yards on the entire offense.

Tampa Bay's impressive performance looks even better when you consider that both teams have played their regular-season finals against one of the worst offenses in the NFL, the New England Patriots.

The other two teams that have Florida at home, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins, are not far behind in their quest for promotion to the Super Bowl, but it could come at a high price for the Bucs. Renovations to Raymond James Stadium are just one of many projects in the pipeline to host the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay in 2021. The newly formed Tampa-based XFL football team will use the stadium as a home venue from February 2020.

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