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The City of Tampa recently installed a new public art installation to enhance the experience on the beautiful Riverwalk. In the middle of the Hillsborough River is 275 Florida Avenue at Madison Street, curated by Ann Wykell, who has been the director of the public art department at the Center for Public Art at the University of South Florida for nine years and has helped develop public art projects for it.

The USF School of Architecture and Community Design has one of the largest and most diverse student populations in the country, and there are many students and graduates from local businesses who are continually developing innovative projects for the City of Tampa and the Tampa Bay Area. We are familiar with everything that the area has to offer and provide a great opportunity to serve local architects and the community in a variety of ways, from public art projects to community events and design projects.

The North Tampa Arts League supports the arts and artists of North, Tampa by working with community leaders to make North and Tampa a vibrant arts community.

Students enjoy free admission to the Tampa Museum of Art and all courses are scheduled at the museum. Visit the opening ceremony, as it is just a few minutes "walk from the campus, right across the river.

Local art museums include the Tampa Museum of Art, Dali Gallery and Florida Art Museum. There will also be art walks during the second Art Walk on Saturday, which will feature over 40 galleries and studios.

Tampa is also home to the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, the largest performing arts center in the Southeast. The Saunders Fine Arts Center offers a wide range of arts and crafts, music, dance, theater and music education. There are many traveling Broadway shows in Tampa, as well as a variety of local and regional musicals.

Tes One's Welcome to Tampa installation serves as a gateway for motorists traveling east from downtown Tampa. The large-scale mural, which is on the north side of Cass Street from western Tampa, is seen as I-275 approaches. One approaching from I / 275 and the installation "Welcome Tampa" at Tes ONE, a large painted mural on Cass Street.

We encourage you to email Terri Simons with all the information about the murals listed here, and we are open to suggestions for new murals in the area as well as any other ideas. To get started, visit our Mural Process page for more information on the process of wall design and installation or visit the Mural in Process page.

Take the time to look at the work of some of the real professionals to see how they measure up to the quality of their work and how it compares to other murals.

Art Tampa Bay is a project of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County that helps the Bay find community through art, education and community engagement through arts education and outreach. This includes supporting and promoting the visual and performing arts through a variety of programs and programs, such as the Creative Clay Cultural Arts Center. The Creative Clay Cultural Center offers artists, musicians, writers, photographers, artists and other creative people the opportunity to pursue their artistic careers. Arts in the City of Tampa is facilitated by the Council for the Florida City of Tampa and is dedicated to promoting arts and culture in Florida.

Once you have discovered your passion for glass, sign up here and start creating your own artwork or painting or drawing.

Although the Tampa Museum of Art is considered one of the most prestigious museums in the United States for its art, the museum still has plenty of visual inspiration. See the museum's collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art from around the world, as well as its extensive collections.

This mural, commissioned by the Public Art Program of the City of Tampa, features five influential figures in Tampa's history. The mural covers the walls of the Tampa Art Museum as well as several other public buildings in the city.

He was a leader of the African-American community and played a key role in bringing civil rights to Tampa. West Tampa Lou Piniella, a native of Tampa, later became one of the most influential figures in Tampa history and a member of both the NAACP and the US Congress.

His impressive career included a stint as coordinator of the Federal Model Cities Program, which provided federal funding to Tampa residents. Tampa Heights is a great supporter of street art and has many programs that regularly support it. There are many places in the bay where new artists can exhibit art, as well as places where the owner runs a shop. If you like to shop at one of the locations listed under "Buy local art for less than $100," check them out.

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